Izzo Bizness

Five Things You Should Know About Izzo Bizness

Young, full of that hot Tanzanian sauce and rising like a shooting star; Izzo Bizness is taking Tanzanian Hip-Hop to a whole new level. His fresh sound and top-class videos are ushering him into the African Hall of Fame. We can hardly wait to hear what magic he’s brought this time on Coke Studio Africa.

So, grab a seat and an ice cold Coca-Cola – here are five things you didn’t know about Izzo Bizness:

1) Call him Kamau

His parents chose to give him a long name: Emmanuel, his stage name is Izzo, but he picked up Kamau when he came to Kenya. How that happened is a mystery. Still, we’ll roll with it for now.

2) He loves Jay-Z

From head to toe, his style is inspired by a fusion of Mbeya and Brooklyn; only in Africa. “This is Jigga, man,” he says, pointing to his classic Timberlands. “Across Mbeya City, you’ll find Brooklyn.”

3) He started rhyming in Secondary School

As a young man in a secondary school in Mbeya, Izzo Bizness discovered his knack for rhymes.

“Man, the teachers would catch me rapping and punish me,” he said. That wasn’t enough to crush his dreams. He kept going, and we thank the stars for that.

4) He’s always believed in himself

In 2013, a much younger version of Izzo Bizness wrote: “I’m a ninja from the hood…from the land of Mwalimu.”

Fast-forward to a few years later, and the composed young rapper on Coke Studio Africa is nothing short of a man on a mission.

“They always knew I was good. I’m only going to get better.”

5) He’s a big supporter of BongoWood

Izzo Bizness is really proud of BongoWood – the thriving Tanzanian movie industry. It’s yet to be seen, but maybe he’ll consider gracing our screens as, perhaps, some sort of fresh home grown hero. Fingers crossed.

For now, we’re toasting our drinks to seeing more of his lyrical skills in new music. Mbeya Boy, go get ‘em!